Hey, I have just put up two new folders, totaling a number of 9 new pieces. One is filled with a rather new love and is entitled "Paper Cut". Being inspired by an artist I saw on one of my favorite art blogs, GDG, I put down the Wacom tablet, and picked up the xacto knife! I had been struggling in the past to create paper cut art, but now, it is all making sense.

    Next you will find my second new folder entitled "Wood Work". Here I showcase my skills with the pen, markers, and a wood panel. It has been a growing love of mine for just about a year now, yes being inspired by another great artist, this time a friend of mine, Mary Syring. She does some great and grand pieces on wood that got me thinking "WOOD this be fun?" The answer, "Yes it WOOD!"

    So please take a trip to my two brand new folders. As well as enjoying all the others newly arranged and categorized to help make finding what you like to see easier!

    Remember to always have fun, and I hope you leave with a smile on your face.


  • *Hiya!*

    Since graduating I have been on the hunt for a great job in Illustration and design. While doing so I have had my ups and downs, rejections in the form of "We found someone more our style" or "We hired someone with more experience" which makes me beg the question...who will hire someone fresh?

    I am eager to learn and excited to be doing what I do! I am the cutesst puppy you ever had that just needs to be trained in the particulars of YOUR business. So givve the kid a chance, huh? I aim to please, so please aim for me.

    Alright enough of that...back to drawing and crafting (yes, crafting...I plan on opening an Esty store...I'll keep you posted!).

  • *Zoooom!*

    Now see my images a little closer with the new zoom feature to the website. Simply click on the image and TA-DAH! a larger image will pop-up in a new window. Keep in mind that some images are at the best size to view, and will not get larger, so don't get frustrated if a few won't get bigger!

  • *Hi.*

    Had a speaker this past week in class that was really inspiring and motivating. Kristen Abbott is a recent graduate from the Academy and is doing well for herself right now. It helps to see recent graduates doing well, because it gives me hope that I will do well, too.

  • *Coming along*

    I think that things are really getting rolling now and my new website is filling up with work for you all to enjoy. Currently I have a couple of projects for school I am working on as well as several personal project I want to get off the ground. There is a short story I am going to be starting very soon, too, that I hope turns out well, that could be illustrated as well. That's it for now, and please feel free to check back every now and then for more art and updates.

  • *Working on it...*

    Currently I have a lot going on at school, and the fact that my computer recently crashed has set me back on filling up my website, so it is sort of under construction right now, but be patient! There is more to come, I promise!